Lighting Liz

I’m trying something new for a change… this time it’s having fun with dramatic lighting. It’s good to break away from our usual style every now and then, to discover new things about the way we work, and to supplement our existing skillsets. It’s a bit like cross-training… a multi sport athlete tends to be a stronger overall athlete when different types of training are thrown into the mix. Liz is a part time model who wanted some new shots for her portfolio.

ew says:

very nice.i like the composition so much!

Elizabeth says:

Yes, I agree. Should have went all the way and made myself more greasy. 😀

andylim says:

Thanks for the constructive feedback, Ek Lern! Comments like these are always welcome 🙂

EkLern says:

I like the garage concept but if the model is wearing something else bside the add abit more dirt..
then it will look good =D

just my 2 cents
keep it up

Michael Quah says:

Imaginative composition.
Keen selection.
Good-looking model.
Wow lighting.
Absolutely stunning!
Love the collection!