Picture Perfect 2012 -Wedding Photographer Malaysia-

Picture Perfect 2012

To kickstart 2012, I have 2 awesome offers that will surely put a smile on your face.

Here’s the first great deal!
For every portrait session (pre-wedding or post-wedding) booked with me from today until 31st March 2012, I am offering FREE rental of 1 bridal gown (up to RM600 in value) from one of my well-known gown designer partners, Pretty in White and That Special Occasion. This gown is to be used only during the portrait session. If you wish to use the gown during your wedding day as well, simply top up the small difference in price. Acquaint yourself with my wedding photography work at www.emotioninpictures.com
For package details please email me.

Next, something that will supercharge your photography. My SimpleSLR Hands-On Photography E-book will be available at ONLY USD 12 from now until the end of January 2012. Not only will you be getting valuable guidance on taking better pictures, you will also be able to see how I make decisions on how to take a picture based on specific scene conditions. This will be the lowest price it will EVER be offered at, so grab it now using the code AWESOME12 at http://www.simpleslr.info

Andy Lim

That’s it for now. Have an awesome 2012!