2014 Best Wedding Photography by Emotion in Pictures

Happy 2015! I was away for a 3-week holiday in Europe in November, so I’ve got some catching up to do on the blog.

Last year was a record-breaking year for us, and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful clients who trusted us to create beautiful memories for them.

We also have bookings for every single month right up to December 2015, except October. Maybe I should go on another holiday in October!

Here are some of my favourite moments that our team and I had the honour of capturing in 2014. I specifically left out the portraits because Emotion in Pictures are known primarily for photographing real moments that were not staged in any way.

Here goes, in no particular order:



Scott and Yen Yi enjoying a fireworks display at their beach wedding reception in Avillion Port Dickson


Desmond quietly gazing at Annette at their church wedding


Padmini’s expression says it all, arriving at her wedding to Thanakumaran


Sandy’s mother sending her off at her wedding


Jeewadas breaking out in laughter just before tying the thali on Sivashni


Holy Communion at Wim and Grace’s church wedding


The curiosity of the flower girl at Siva and Rajes’ wedding


Yee Leng’s father giving Kelvin a pat on the back after giving away the bride


Worshipping Jesus at Jonathan and Michelle’s wedding


Girish and Sandhya having a great time at their wedding


Barath calling for an encore to the band during his dance with Felicia


Ji Yeon gesturing to her friend giving a speech at her wedding, with Yong Chul looking amused


A precious moment at Chaminda and Subha’s wedding reception


Cher Han and Keshi receiving a thumbs-up at the tea ceremony


Anand making his way through at the Sangeet

Click on the photos to see more pictures from that wedding.  I haven’t blogged about some of them yet, it’s hard to find the time when you have 2 young children 🙂

Want beautiful wedding pictures that will speak to your heart?

Contact us now to arrange for an appointment.

Here’s a new year bonus: Our 2014 rates will be extended until 30 June 2015!  Which means that if you book us by this date, you will enjoy the 2014 rates. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for trusting in us.


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