Amazon Kindle carries my SimpleSLR E-Book!

My SimpleSLR e-book is now available in EPUB format, available on Amazon! This format is meant for Amazon’s Kindle devices, which display the e-book in black and white. The Kindle is an e-book reader that’s growing in popularity, and e-book sales will eventually overtake those of printed books. The Kindle edition is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

Due to the popularity of my first e-book (SimpleSLR Hands-On Photography Guide) I will be working on my next e-book soon! I already have a specific focus in mind for this next e-book, but if you have any suggestions on topics, feel free to leave your comment.  🙂

It’s been 4 months since I published my first e-book, now averaging several hundred US dollars per month from e-book sales. With the right marketing approach, I should be able to grow the numbers in the next few months. Apart from selling it on my own website ( I am also using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing as an alternative platform.

E-book publishing success will eventually depend on using the right channels, and knowing how, where and when to sell your e-book. Many of the tricks I use were learnt from Douglas Klostermann’s The E-book Handbook, which describes how he created his successful e-book collection and the methods used to create substantial recurring income from e-books.

Gone are the days when the only way you can publish your own book is through a publishing company. These days it’s quite easy to publish your own book. Services like Createspace and Lulu enable individuals to publish their own printed books, from the comfort of their desktop/notebook computer. Having your book in the bookstores does wonders for your reputation as an expert in your chosen area of specialty.

But even with merits and all, printed books cannot match e-books when it comes to global reach. Being available 24/7 means that e-books have the power to reach more readers (customers) than a printed book can ever hope to. Online payment allows customers to buy an e-book even when physical bookstores are closed. E-books will eventually become more widely read than printed books.


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