August Promotion: Portraits Double Date at 50% off

August is just round the corner, and here’s a deal that will make you grab your phone and call a friend. Or text her/him, as the case would more likely be these days.

Get another couple to join you for a portrait session with Andy Lim, and both couples will enjoy a savings of 50% off the normal rate.

Think of it as a double-date where your friends join you for a portrait session, at half price!
You can choose who goes first, but the 2 portrait sessions must take place one after the other. This means that both couples will share the same portrait location. One advantage of this is that you can share the cost of booking the portrait location (if any).

RM999 per couple

  • 2-hour portrait session per couple, at 1 location
    (add RM100 if 2nd location is needed)
  • No albums. Un-retouched soft copies of all pictures at full resolution saved on a CD*
  • Makeup artist not included
  • The 2 portrait sessions must take place consecutively
    (eg. 7am-9am followed by the second couple 9am-11am)
  • Excludes entrance fees/photo permit for the portrait location (if any)
  • Portrait locations within Klang Valley only
  • Album can be ordered separately (pictures will be retouched)
  • Valid for all dates in August except 3 August, 8-12 August, and 31 August (as of today)
  • Terms and conditions apply

Un-retouched pictures refer to no skin smoothening and no removal of unwanted details.
All pictures will nevertheless undergo color-correction and exposure adjustments.

Make your appointment with Andy now!

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