Casey & Gloria’s Portraits

Casey & Gloria’s pre-wedding portraits were decidedly unusual, as you can see from the first photo. Casey is a big Star Wars fan, so “the Force” was with us that day, as we managed to get some pretty decent shots even though it rained almost the whole day!

We also put their ballroom dancing moves to good use…

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  1. adrianlee
    adrianlee says:

    A very interesting set of photographs. The lighting evokes an response from the emotional and intellectual level. And it shows off the couple very well, and I think reflects their personalities.

    Btw, was it an overcast day, or was it your exposure?

  2. andylim
    andylim says:

    Thanks Adrian, yes it was drizzling the whole day, and you can tell it was overcast from the lack of shadows on the rooftop dancing shot

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