Church Wedding: Martin & Alice

Martin & Alice, who live in Australia, exchanged vows at Zion Lutheran Church in Kuala Lumpur on 25th July 2009. I love this wedding, there was so much emotion, and it was obvious they were very much in love.

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  1. Aqeel Ahmad
    Aqeel Ahmad says:

    …….ALICE & MARTIN are looking Angels………………….. I wish them a happy & prosperous LIFE……………………

  2. Mei Teng
    Mei Teng says:

    Hi Andy,

    First time visiting your blog. Wonderful wedding photos.

    I am an amateur. Will be helping to shoot at a friend’s wedding next month.

    What’s your advice to an amateur who has never photographed a wedding before?

    If I had to shoot with 1 lens only, should I go with a wide angle (17-70mm) or a telephoto (70-200mm)? I am more inclined to go with the wide angle.

    I don’t have the luxury of shooting with a flash or two camera bodies.

  3. Martin
    Martin says:

    Andy! Thanks for all of the wonderful pics of our wedding. We have been so busy lately but just had a chance to look at them again … and they look even better! Great job!


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