Darren & Weina’s Wedding

Darren and Weina were married on 9 October 2010 at the Tamil Methodist Church in Brickfields, and celebrated with a reception on 10 October 2010, which is 10.10.10! What a date! And what a wedding, complete with a sixties retro theme with matching colours from bridesmaids dresses to the wedding car. All combined to create spectacular wedding photography.

The brown beetle leaves for church…

Every last detail was colour-coordinated! Little wonder, Weina works in an ad agency.

The worship session was one of the most uplifting I have ever experienced at a church wedding.

The tea ceremony was full of fun and laughter…

and emotion…

Love the polka dotted mini wedding cake!

Multi-talented Weina is the keyboardist, saxophonist and vocalist of the band Thin Izzy, so naturally she sang at her own wedding!

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