Davinder & Shahlini’s Wedding (Ponnurukku, Sangeet, Maiya)

I’ve just completed coverage of Davinder and Shahlini’s grand wedding celebrations which took place over a period of 5 continuous days. As it was a Punjabi Sikh and Ceylonese Hindu marriage, the celebrations included a gold-melting ceremony (Ponnurukku), groom’s party (Sangeet), bride’s oil ceremony (Maiya), groom’s oil ceremony (Maiya), a Hindu Indian temple wedding, a Sikh temple wedding and finally the dinner reception at Sheraton Subang. Truly an eye-opening experience.


The celebrations started with the Ponnurukku ceremony on Day 1.


Day 2 was the Sangeet, a dinner party for the groom’s family.

Maiya (Oil Ceremony)

Day 3 was the bride’s oil ceremony.

Maiyan (Oil Ceremony)

Followed by the groom’s oil ceremony on the morning of Day 4.

See the later half of Day 4 and 5 in my next post.

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