SimpleSLR Celebrates 5th Year with New E-Book

PhotoGuru Photography Workshops is celebrating its 5th year of providing simple-to-understand photography training for beginners. Who would have thought that a humble little class which started in FRIM in 2006 (thanks to those of you who attended my classes during those early days) would still be running 5 years on, now in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

In conjunction with our 5th year anniversary, I have decided to announce the launch of my first e-book, titled SimpleSLR Hands-On Photography Guide. This e-book is proof that you really can “Learn To Take Better Pictures in 4 Hours”, the tagline which I have been using for my PhotoGuru photography workshops.

They say that you learn a lot when you teach. I can vouch for the truth in that saying. I have learnt to fine-tune my teaching approach, in order to transfer photography skills to participants in a mere 4 hours. I have learnt to clarify my own thoughts during delivery of information, and have grown as a photographer in the process.

Check out a few sample pages of my e-book here in this preview link. They also contain testimonials from past participants who have benefited from my class.

I’m offering my e-book at a discounted rate of USD15. Hurry, this rate is valid only until December 2011. I would like to thank all my past participants who have benefited from my SimpleSLR PhotoClass and are now enjoying photography to the fullest. You have provided the inspiration for me to write this e-book.

Get Your Copy of SimpleSLR Hands-On Photography Training Now!

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Price: $15 USD
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