Super September Sale!

Super September SALE! This special price will be valid for the next 6 days only.

USD18 for my SimpleSLR E-Book, a hands-on photography guide for beginners.
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Here’s what my readers say about my e-book as well as my PhotoGuru Photography Workshops:


One word to describe your new ebook.. “Wow”. As a amateur photographer, i often wonder why i couldn’t take nice pics with my DSLR. I found the answer in your ebook. Good Job, Andy and look forward to your other release.
– Edmund
Your ebook is great. Your ebook present technical content in layman terms which really helps beginner photographer to grasp a deeper understanding of basic photography. Looking forward for your next release. Hope you can add more in depth areas such as rule of third etc. Great job, Andy.
– Andrew Hong
Recently I wanted to take some shots of the Twins Towers before leaving KL. Something I have been putting off for two years. I used your Digital Book as up until then I had not been keen to use the manual capabilities of my camera. With the books guidance I took some nice shots. Thanks Mate… the book is excellent.
– Anthony Rogers
Had a great time with Andy and the group.. learnt the fundamental basics of the Digital SLR photography and very interesting tricks in photography which I’m sure will come to use in the near future. Laid back class and felt like it was a one to one basis as it’s very small group. Got all my questions answered for now… Hope to join the next level when I’m in Malaysia next… Thanks Andy!!
– Krishanth
Your photo class is very useful in opening a door to every beginners to catch up with Digital photography. How about an intermediate or advance course ? Count me in.
– Albert Sim
I thoroughly enjoyed your class as it was easy to follow and enjoyable. As a 14 yr old I thought I would not fit in but on the contrary it is great for all age groups. Your e book is simple and easy to follow. I now have to convince my parents for a better lense and looking at the pictures I have taken since, it would not be difficult to convince them. Thank you!
– Vanisha
I find the class offers good basics that are fundamental to photography. Good job Andy.
– Ivan Wong
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