A few good words from our many happy clients

We’ve engaged Andy as corporate photographer for our firm and we are satisfied with his work. Andy is a very professional photographer who took into account of our needs and the pictures taken, both portrait and the landscape of the office, were exceptional. We highly recommend Andy to those who are looking for professional photographer!

Preakas & Partners


Thanks for the amazing family photographs, Andy. Such a joy to look through them. Amazing to see your artistic interpretation and ability to capture emotions. The backgrounds look wonderful – really, really nice and creative. Love all the candid shots of my 3-year old so – kids grow so fast and glad we could capture his expressions, cheekiness and joy in photos as keepsakes. Love the portrait shots for my husband and myself. Thanks again Andy !!



I have known Andy Lim for past 7 years ever since my brother took him for his wedding photography and videography. Andy Lim did a marvelous job back then. Ever since then i have decided to hire Andy Lim for my wedding. My big day came by and without a second thought i took Andy Lim photography and videography, he did a wonderful job. His work was very classy, majestic and excellent. I will definitely recommend Andy Lim for my family and friends…

Premdas & Tharani


I engaged Andy as my wedding photographer after much research online and I am glad I chose the right one. Andy and his team are both both experienced & professional which made our special day simply awesome. He is extremely responsive and it is crucial to be engaging and understanding during CMCO period. Our moments were beautifully captured and delivered to us perfectly. Thanks Andy!

Kaethree & Prakesh


We recently had a productive 30 minute session with Andy for a personal photography session. It was an affordable congratulatory gift to a friend. Andy was attentive to our needs and requests, all whilst delivering us with such professional, powerful yet natural photos to use on various platforms – including LinkedIn!



Andy is so patient and we had so much fun with our 10-month old son. Since it was our 1st photoshoot with my son, it was truly a memorable one.



We are so happy and glad that we chose Andy and it is one of the best decision we made in our wedding planning. For us, he is the best out there who has a gift to capture the moments and pretty much we can say the pictures have emotions in it. It was easy to deal with him and during the shots he was very calm and composed that made us feel relaxed too. Andy, thank you so much for your professional, friendly and warm manner and we will definitely recommend to others too.

Siva + Sharmila


Andy Lim, the most accommodating, helpful and enthusiastic photographer, who also happen to take the best photos! We are incredibly grateful to have had you photograph our engagement, pre wedding ceremonies and wedding. Thank you once again.

Ruthra + Vanitha


Truly an exceptional photography experience with Andy Lim and team. Capturing beautiful moments when u least expect is his specialty. Also the professionalism of the team is up to the mark. Could not have had a better photographer for my wedding. Thank u Andy!

Dinesh + Sreella


We chose Andy to do our family portraits on the occasion of my mothers 80th birthday. Andy suggested we do an outdoor shoot at Putrajaya Botanical Park. We were a group of 12 adults. Andy had a nice spot in mind for the photo shoot, but on the day, the older members of the group did not want to walk to the designated spot. Andy was able to improvise, and did the shoot right where they were standing. We were amazed at the pictures – they look like they have taken at a special spot, when in fact Andy just worked with whatever was around us at the time. He kept the mood light hearted, and posed us very skillfully – despite the older folks wanting to bunch up and stand shoulder to shoulder for a “group shot”. I would definitely recommend Andy for his professional photography service.



Amazing amazing work by Andy and team!!!….The photographs not only were they crisp and flawless but each and every one of them captured the joyous vibe and we could relate to how we felt. The moments captured were incredible. It has been 3 months since our wedding but every time we look at our photos, we are reminded by the amazing time we had. That is how much impact your photos have made to us, Andy. Thank you so very much!!! And thank you for being really patient with amateur posers like us. Hehehehe.

Dhanya + Tinagaran

We took Andy and team for all our events! Engagement/pre wedding photography and wedding. We loved how our photos and videos turned out. Andy is extremely professional. He listens to exactly what we wanted and executed beautifully. He is also very prompt with replies and he kept it touch with us/ sends us reminders from time to time until our wedding day..It was truly a pleasure working with Andy and his team. We would definitely recommend him to our family and friends!

Seelan + Asha

Andy and his team were fantastic for our wedding, and would definitely recommend them to anyone I know! Andy really listened to what we envisioned (both what we did want, and did not want) and his soft and humble character made the process really pleasant for us. Due to their experience the end result was absolutely amazing, the quality of photos and video’s to capture all the days we celebrated were incredibly impressive. Not to mention that we received all the videos and photos really quite fast. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to capture our special moments. Thanks very much once again!

Dawn + Prem

Meticulous….. Patient…… Professional We have no regrets appointing Andy Lim and team for our wedding and wedding reception. He had given so much details in capturing every moment of the event. It has been months and I still have goosebumps looking at the photos as if it was yesterday. Thank You for capturing our event with so much love and attention, these memories are going a long way.

Sachin + Niesha

Andy Lim is a wonderful photographer that we would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Our wedding photos turned out to be as how we wanted it to be. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos that sum up our relationship perfectly. The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots. Thank you so much Andy Lim and team. You captured our day perfectly.

Prathap + Kavitha

Andy and his team was very professional. He listened to our wants and delivered them through our photos. It was great that he’s very familiar with Indian weddings, so he knew what to look out for. They definitely captured some highlights of our big day and we can now relive those moments through the photos.

Tayallen + Denise

After searching tirelessly for a wedding photographer we finally found what we were looking for in Andy. His work stood out by a mile and we knew instantly that we had to hire him! All our memories from the wedding day have been captured perfectly from start to finish. Andy’s unique use of light and gorgeous tones make our wedding look like a beautifully shot movie. Dear Andy, you have created some stunning shots that take us back to the day each time we look at them. You’ve captured all the emotions, laughter and love perfectly that will be treasured forever. Dinesh and i can’t thank/recommend Andy enough.

Dinesh + Visha

It has been 1 year 5 months since i got married, and I have seen my ROM and wedding photos countless number of times. Each time i look back at the slide show and photo album that was prepared by Andy, it gives such a good feeling on how beautifully the pictures and moments have been captured. I must say, thank u so much for the beautiful pictures. To Anand and I, good photography means alot because 20 years down the road we want to look back at the pictures and feel the same way we felt on our wedding day. And if that is what you are looking for, Andy is definitely the person. Thank you again Andy and team.

Anand + Dhashaini

Stunning! Chris and myself (alongside many of our friends who saw the pictures) absolutely love the shots! You really captured the essence of that day; the emotions and even made my house prettier than it actually looks (according to my mom) And the best part is, we really appreciate your patience and your willingness to accommodate our requirements on that day – a true professional who can work in whatever situation. A shame that we didn’t have the energy to get more portrait shots – but the few that we manage are looking like they will occupy a front seat in our albums!
Thanks again – great job!

Chris + Woon-Hui

Photographs capture time, moments that cannot be reproduced. Andy Lim has a special talent for capturing time. As we look at the photographs from our wedding last year, we are reminded of just how much love and happiness we felt, surrounded by our family and friends. Thanks to Andy for capturing this special time for us, and thanks to our family and friends who made these moments possible.

Vijendra + Amber

Looking back recently at our wedding photo album really brought back the beautiful memories of our special day last year – thanks Andy, love your work! We think Andy managed to capture those special, intimate moments and joyful expressions on people’s faces. We also liked the portraiture shoot, Andy has an artistic eye (our personal fav is the casual outdoor shoot!) Overall we have to say Andy was pleasant and easy to work with throughout the process. The one thing we especially liked about Andy was his prompt communication which made the wedding planning process so much easier!

Jonathan + Michelle

Andy was amazing to work with from the very start. He made planning a wedding from overseas extremely easy for me and my husband. He was punctual for our skype meetings, polite and easy to get along with which i found to be a very important feature in choosing a wedding photographer. Furthermore he communicated well with family members and was very obliging and humble. We love love love the photos Andy took for both our Wedding ceremony and reception and would not go on about it as the pictures really speak for themselves. Thank you Andy for giving us these memorable pictures and we can only look forward to showing them to family and friends now as well as years to come.

Chaminda + Subha, New Zealand

Thanks so very much Andy for your talented and truly unique work. We are extremely grateful for your time and effort and for the way you have captured our wedding event so perfectly. Thank you for going out of your way for us and for blessing us with your brilliant ‘time-stopping’, moment by moment photography.

Kijay + Anna

Thank you so much Andy for all your hard work and we can’t express in words just how appreciative we are for all your efforts. You captured the best moments, smiles, tears and the intimate details of our wedding so well. Your ability to capture emotion is unparalleled and the story that these pictures tell will be told for generations. We feel so blessed to have met you and to have you as our wedding photographer.

Shane + Julie

Andy Lim! A brilliant photographer and fantastic friend to have on the biggest day of our lives. My wife and I are truly thankful for Andy’s great work, patience and composure during our wedding. We now have those beautiful memories immortalized through Andy’s work. It invokes, rightly put, the wonderful emotions of our wedding and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Good service, great photography and an even better partner in arms to have at a wedding.

Navin + Alicia

Our friends and family loved the emotions captured in Andy’s pictures. We had fun during our photo sessions which help set the mood of our pre-wedding pictures. He is flexible with venues and worked hard to find the angles to capture the special moments. Andy’s slide show was a focal point at our reception and we received many complements. Awesome pictures with lots of love!!!

Rafael + Ee

One of the best investments my husband and I made for our wedding was booking Andy as our photographer or rather, our momentkeeper. True to the phrase, Emotion in Pictures, Andy has a true gift for capturing emotions in even the simplest gestures; in doing so, watching the slideshow and the pictures from our wedding helped us to relive them over and over again.

In terms of work ethic, Andy proved himself as the consummate professional – he was prompt in email replies and gave clear, detailed instructions which simplified our own planning for the day. On the day of our wedding, not only was he punctual and made us all at ease, but during the wedding he was almost ninja-like, capturing moments where we didn’t even know he was there! 🙂 If you are looking for a photographer that will memorialize the beauty of your wedding day, Andy is the way to go.

Barath + Felicia

We felt very comfortable with Andy from the start and took an instant liking to his down-to-earth personality as well as his calm, warm and friendly demeanor. Of all our correspondences with different wedding vendors, corresponding with Andy was the most pleasant and stress-free. He was very prompt, detailed and very clear in all his emails, something we appreciated very much especially since Sonia was overseas throughout the whole wedding planning process.

The portrait sessions with Andy went beyond our expectations. Being both camera-shy people, it could have turned out a disaster, especially if asked to pose in ways that were out of our personalities.But Andy put us at complete ease – we felt we could be ourselves and it felt natural to be in front of the cameras. We were so pleased with the portraits; and the background colors and lighting were simply beautiful. Some friends thought we had gone overseas for the shoot when it was just a very common location.

The actual day photos were also very beautiful. Andy was very professional and completely non-intrusive, freeing us and our guests to flow with every emotion instead of being harassed by the presence of a camera in our faces all the time. He never drew attention to himself and most times we never could tell where he was at. But he was totally present and on the job, capturing the emotion of the event, those special moments, little antics, hearty laughters and endearing hugs and brought all that together into a beautiful story with a lot of depth. Friends said the photos were beautiful and some even teared while watching the slideshow.

Having Andy as our wedding photographer was nothing less than a blessing and privilege, and was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We would heartily and readily recommend Andy and his work; for such talent and creativity, his packages are well worth the investment. Thanks so much for everything, Andy, and for giving us beautiful memories of our special day.

Ben & Sonia

The very high quality of Andy’s work (covering a dinner reception and also a Hindu ceremony) speaks for itself – I will only add on that it was a pleasure doing business with him; he was courteous, approachable, prompt, and flexible. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

Tirath & Deidre

As everyone would agree, photos are one of the many (if not the most important) criteria in defining a memorable wedding. Andy and his team indeed made sure they had it all covered and under control. So much so that we can concentrate on other hectic preparations and be confident that our photos will turn out to be great. Even when we were exhausted during most of the shots, Andy and his teams manage to capture the most beautiful essence. When we review every photo taken, we are mesmerized and grateful that we had a wonderful wedding, and that was shown exactly in those photos. Thanks to Andy, the most special day in our life is indeed, special.

Kim Fatt and Pui Lai

Thank you for the great work in helping us memorialize such a special time in our lives. We were very impressed with the moments and emotions that you captured. It was a pleasure working with you and you would definitely be hearing from us again.

Sinthi and Ashvind

Thank you Andy Lim for such an amazing job at our wedding! It was a pleasure to have you at our wedding, and you were nothing but incredibly professional. We especially loved that you were not intrusive or obstructive, but superbly professional. We are especially thankful that you never needed to interrupt any part of our wedding day to capture those special moments – nothing needed to be paused or posed or staged, and yet, you still managed to capture such natural and spontaneous emotions amongst amazing moments! In fact, sometimes we never even noticed that you were there, and all our guests also agreed that you were very professional!

We are also thankful that you were very easy to get in touch with, and was always very prompt and efficient with communicating via email and phone; something we really appreciated as we were planning the wedding from abroad. Once again, that is a testament to your professionalism.

Thank you once again for being part of our special day, and of course, for the amazing end-product that you delivered!

Wei Siang and Jean

Great shots, and a magnificent album!! Thanks for giving us wonderful memories to treasure.
Thanks Andy Lim for your effort and respect your professionalism!!

Dashant and Tanusha

We just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your tremendous effort and wonderful work you have done on our big day! Everyone we have shown has raved about the photos and album. We wanted the natural expressions of everyone, young and old to be captured because for us a wedding is an emotional rather than a dramatic day. You did just that and more! Your discreetness, humbleness and professionalism really put us at ease which helped to bring out the all the natural emotions in us. We both feel that your forte does not only lie in capturing emotions but also the vibrant and vivid colours that you always bring together in all your work. We could not have picked a better photographer for such an important day in our lives!

Beng and Wai Ping

I absolutely love the photos! Just looking at them makes me wish if I could repeat that day all over again. It’s so natural and captured at the right moments. Even our families and friends admire your work. Thanks Andy!

Lavinia and Wei Hwang

We engaged Andy for our wedding ceremonies last year because we felt comfortable and relaxed when dealing with his professional approach. We placed our trust in him and were confident in the results. The photographs turned out fantastic, beyond our wildest expectations. He has a quietly confident style that is not disruptive to the event, and managed to capture the emotional moments, portraits and candid shots that we like. He is very calm in his setup and dealing with people, as well as gifted with a fantastic eye. Our families love the photobooks too!

Terence & Lina

Thanks for the good work Andy! and greatly appreciate the super quick processing and effort getting the images over to us!

Kai and Ruth

Andy’s forte lies in capturing those meaningful moments which will be cherished for a lifetime.

Chin Anh and Wing Yan

Wesley and I have never doubted our decision appointing Andy as our pre-wedding portrait and actual day photographer. Andy is highly professional dealing with our requests and his work brought so much praises from friends and relatives. We love viewing the photos over and over again as Andy managed to capture all the right moments and our emotions. Wedding is a joyful and special day and must be best captured with skillful storyteller like Andy. Great job!

Wesley and Kah Yin

Thank you so so so much Andy Lim from both Oliver & I. We loved all your pictures! You truly are a gifted photographer for you take pictures like a storyteller. You told everyone the story of our wedding! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Geradline and Oliver

“A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a still image, quote Wikipedia. But our wedding day photos by Andy conveyed more than words could structure. It showed how stiff and nervous we were before and during the church ceremony. In contrast, how joyful, ecstatic and beaming our faces were after professing the ‘Yes, I do’ followed by a passionate kiss (*shy*). I mean, we were literally jumping out from our skin. 30 years later, I reckon if I flip through my album, it’ll be like watching a 2D documentary plus the emotion still gushing vividly through, reminding us of our union and celebration on 10.09.11. These are emotion in pictures.

Christina and Raymond

We came across Andy in our search for a good wedding day photographer and based on his portfolio, we were taken up almost immediately. We contacted Andy and he came back to us promptly. He was very accomodating in seeing that we were coordinating the wedding from overseas. When we met Andy for the first time, we were really surprised how humble of a person he was especially being so established. The wedding day photography was superb to say the least, the video was also great. We are still getting compliments on them and we have without hesitation told everyone about Andy’s work. Icing on the cake was the album which we just received. It exceeded all our expectations. Would recommend Andy every time.

Lingesh and Amirtha

The journey began 1 year ahead of our wedding, hunting for a good photographer. We came across many, but one name kept echoing, bouncing off many folks we came across…’Andy Lim’. We checked out the website and decided to meet him. At the very first meeting itself, we decided Andy is the one for our special day. We did not get a good photographer…but a great one! There were many things to deal with when planning for the wedding, but dealing with Andy was one of the most pleasant experiences ever. Throughout the journey, on the wedding day and the end product, it was a pleasant experience for us. Needless to say, the photos by Andy made this a wonderful, memorable and colourful event that we will cherish forever!! If you want to live the happiest day of your life everyday, Andy Lim is the man! Thank you Andy.

Vignesh and Durga

We LOVE our wedding pictures so much that we just couldn’t stop looking through them again and again. Andy’s pictures are amazing and filled with warmth, love and happiness. We have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone, who wants all their special moments to be captured.

Sean & Grace

Someone once told me that a good photographer is one where you can’t even tell that they are there! Andy is like that! Not only is Andy courteous, he is so humble and makes it so easy to work with him. And the shots that he takes, the creativity and play of angle makes every picture a moment to remember. My hubby was skeptical at first when we decided to hire Andy, as he said Andy is expensive! But he went along with me and after seeing the results – the pictures that Andy took, my husband said (and I quoted) Andy is worth every penny! ;o) He now proudly promotes Andy to all his friends who are getting married and those who need a photographer. For me personally? Getting a good photographer makes more sense than getting an expensive lavish wedding gown. 10 years from now? Should you have bought the wedding gown – all you are left with is a yellow dress that is taking up the closet space, whereas pictures of the wedding day – those are memories that you want to keep with you forever.
For those getting married and looking for a photographer who is able to capture moments of this important day – (for me) is Andy and no one else. Thanks Andy for giving us both a beautiful memory of our wedding day to last us a lifetime.

Daniel and Melissa

We love Andy’s work. He doesn’t conjure up scenes and make one poses but instead captures the real life moments beautifully with his amazing skills. Andy did a great job at my brother’s wedding back in January 2009, and 2.5 later he impressed us further with even better photos; capturing the essential moments and turning them into “our story” that we will deeply cherish for the rest of our lives. Seeing how far he has come, I would most certainly be excited to see his work in the next 2.5 years time! Many thanks, Andy.. for making our day so memorable, and uniquely ours.

Norman & Reen

Andy captured all the best moments of our wedding, the smiles, the funny moments, the tears…he is truly an amazing photographer he brings life to his pictures. His pictures are what memories are made of, when we look at our albums and the beautiful pictures we remember why it will always be the one of best day of our lives.

Shannon Sanjivan

We never thought we’d see the day where Rose’s dad tearing and Geophin’s dad’s smile be caught on camera. Absolutely spectacular job with the photographs. You caught every emotion in your pictures including the birds emotions. We all looked jovial and the truth is we were. Thank you!

Geophin & Rose

Andy is like the master storyteller of your own fairy-tale wedding. Anyone viewing the album would be reading the beautiful story of your special day. Even if you view it after a decade, the memories and smiles and happy tears will bring you back right to that day. Thank you Andy!

Trevor & Judith

If you ever need re-live the happiest day of your life (and i literally mean laugh & cry like it was yesterday) Andy’s photos are it! From the day we saw your work at my sister’s wedding in 2009, we knew you would be shooting at our big day too. The pictures truly capture all our “emotions in pictures”. You truly are the best photog in our books. Thank you Andy…you rock!

Thomas & Cath

Andy, the pictures are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the quick turn around and for being discreet yet capturing the wonderful moments from the day!

Dave & Keira

I am the mother of a recent bride whose wedding Andy photographed in early June. The pictures are stunning. I can’t give enough praise to this man – he was so discreet, polite, courteous but, above all, an excellent photographer, which, let’s face it, is what everybody wants for their wedding. That day can never be regained, but lives on in these breathtaking pictures. Thank you Andy.

Jools Burchell

Andy captured the wonderful memories of our big day, and he was so discreet about it that people didn’t know their pictures were being taken. Everybody looked their natural and candid best! Thanks Andy 🙂

Darren & Weina

Good photographers take artistic shots, great photographers capture emotion in-the-moment. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that we really re-live those moments when we see the photos that Andy took of us.

Cheryl Ong

The best review after seeing one’s wedding album is when people ask, “It’s like I was there. Who is your photographer?” This sums up Andy’s expertise. You’ll not regret it.

The Vinnies

Thank you for capturing our moments and truly turning them into memories we can look at. and for being so discreet , hard working, and organized as we had to plan our wedding from Melbourne.. would happily recommend to family and friends.

Devan And Ahrathy

Patience, Passion and Professional. We were so lucky to have Andy and his lovely wife on our special day…..They truly captured all the right moments!

Wan Sim & Chris Sainsbury

No hesitation in highly recommending Andy’s work. a true professional, who produces amazing results. you dont want to take risks with the photos of your big day, and with andy they are in very safe hands. an amazing eye, and completely non intrusive at the same time!

Haresh Mulchandani

Gloria and I have been a fan of Andy’s work since we met him a few years ago in a couple of our close friends’ wedding. We are glad you are able to contribute to our wedding as our photographer! Heaps of thanks over a great job well done.

Casey & Gloria

The photos turned out looking really warm and happy which captured the mood of the day of our wedding. Andy was even obliging enough to put toether a slide show on very short notice for the dinner and it was simply beautiful.

Natalie Peh

What can be better than having a great wedding? Fantastic professional photographers who take fabulous photos to remind us of that day again and again of course! Admiring Andy & Jun’s beautiful shots of our wedding day transports us back to the wonderful event, allowing us to relive the moments. They are definitely a must-have on everybody’s wedding list!

Celena Tan

I came to know about Andy after checking out his website. Loved his candid and natural style of taking photographs. He made me and my husband comfortable during picture taking time. No airs about him. We will always cherish the photos he took for our wedding day.

Ally & Andrew


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