Siva & Sharmila

We are so happy and glad that we chose Andy and it is one of the best decision we made in our wedding planning. For us, he is the best out there who has a gift to capture the moments and pretty much we can say the pictures have emotions in it. It was easy View Full →

Anand & Dhashaini

It has been 1 year 5 months since i got married, and i have seen my ROM and wedding photos countless number of times. Each time i look back at the slide show and photo album that was prepared by Andy, it gives such a good feeling on how beautifully the pictures and moments have View Full →

Dinesh & Visha

After searching tirelessly for a wedding photographer we finally found what we were looking for in Andy. His work stood out by a mile and we knew instantly that we had to hire him! Andy’s unique use of light and gorgeous tones make our wedding look like a beautifully shot movie.

Prem & Dawn

Andy and his team were fantastic for our wedding. Andy really listened to what we envisioned, and his soft and humble character made the process really pleasant for us. The end result was absolutely amazing, the quality of photos and videos to capture all the days we celebrated were incredibly impressive. I couldn’t have asked View Full →

Prathap & Kavitha

Andy Lim is a wonderful photographer that we would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos that sum up our relationship perfectly. The only problem we have encountered is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots. You captured View Full →

Dinesh & Sreella

Truly an exceptional photography experience with Andy Lim and team. Capturing beautiful moments when u least expect is his specialty. Also the professionalism of the team is up to the mark. Could not have had a better photographer for my wedding. Thank u Andy!


We chose Andy to do our family portraits on the occasion of my mother’s 80th birthday. Andy was able to improvise when the older members of the group did not want to walk to the designated spot. We were amazed at the pictures. He kept the mood light hearted, and posed us very skillfully.

Seelan & Asha

We took Andy and team for all our events! Engagement/pre wedding photography and wedding. We loved how our photos and videos tuned out. Andy is extremely professional. He listens to exactly what we wanted and executed beautifully. It was truly a pleasure working with Andy and his team.

Tinagaran & Dhanya

Amazing amazing work by Andy and team!!!….The photographs not only were they crisp and flawless but each and every one of them captured the joyous vibe and we could relate to how we felt. The moments captured were incredible.

Sachin & Niesha

Meticulous….. Patient…… Professional We have no regrets appointing Andy Lim and team for our wedding and wedding reception. He had given so much details in capturing every moment of the event. It has been months and I still have goosebumps looking at the photos as if it was yesterday. Thank you for capturing our event View Full →

Tayallen & Denise

Andy and his team was very professional. He listened to our wants and delivered them through our photos. It was great that he’s very familiar with Indian weddings, so he knew what to look out for. They definitely captured some highlights of our big day and we can now relive those moments through the photos.

Dushyant & Shivaani

Thank you so much Andy and team for creating BEAUTIFUL & PRICELESS memories for both my husband and I. We will treasure each and every picture/ video forever! You have been incredible to work with 🙂

Jillian and Gary

Andy was our wedding photographer so when we wanted to take some family portraits for Chinese New Year, it was natural for him to do it as we had a good vibe and rapport with him! He made us feel at ease and managed to handle a big group with three toddlers/babies in spite of View Full →

Siok Chin

I found Andy while looking for a photographer for our tenth year wedding anniversary which we celebrated at Banjaran, Ipoh last year. During the entire planning, Andy was very professional and prompt with his replies. Both of us are rather camera shy especially my husband but Andy helped put us at ease from the moment View Full →

Jonathan + Michelle

Looking back recently at our wedding photo album really brought back the beautiful memories of our special day last year – thanks Andy, love your work! We think Andy managed to capture those special, intimate moments and joyful expressions on people’s faces.

Chaminda + Subha

Andy was amazing to work with from the very start. He made planning a wedding from overseas extremely easy for me and my husband. We love love love the photos Andy took for both our Wedding ceremony and reception and would not go on about it as the pictures really speak for themselves.

Kijay + Anna

Thanks so very much Andy for your talented and truly unique work. We are extremely grateful for your time and effort and for the way you have captured our wedding event so perfectly. Thank you for going out of your way for us and for blessing us with your brilliant ‘time-stopping’, moment by moment photography.

Shane + Julie

Thank you so much Andy for all your hard work and we can’t express in words just how appreciative we are for all your efforts. You captured the best moments, smiles, tears and the intimate details of our wedding so well. Your ability to capture emotion is unparalleled and the story that these pictures tell View Full →

Navin + Alicia

We now have those beautiful memories immortalized through Andy’s work. It invokes, rightly put, the wonderful emotions of our wedding and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

Rafael + Ee

Our friends and family loved the emotions captured in Andy’s pictures. Andy’s slide show was a focal point at our reception and we received many complements. Awesome pictures with lots of love!!!  

Barath + Felicia

One of the best investments my husband and I made for our wedding was booking Andy as our photographer or rather, our momentkeeper. True to the phrase, Emotion in Pictures, Andy has a true gift for capturing emotions in even the simplest gestures.

Cheryl & Stanley

Good photographers take artistic shots, great photographers capture emotion in-the-moment. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that we really re-live those moments when we see the photos that Andy took of us.  

Darren & Weina

Andy captured the wonderful memories of our big day, and he was so discreet about it that people didn’t know their pictures were being taken. Everybody looked their natural and candid best! Thanks Andy  

Jools Burchell

I am the mother of a recent bride whose wedding Andy photographed in early June. The pictures are stunning. I can’t give enough praise to this man – he was so discreet, polite, courteous but, above all, an excellent photographer. That day can never be regained, but lives on in these breathtaking pictures.    

Thomas & Cath

If you ever need re-live the happiest day of your life, Andy’s photos are it! From the day we saw your work at my sister’s wedding in 2009, we knew you would be shooting at our big day too. The pictures truly capture all our “emotions in pictures”. You truly are the best photog in View Full →

Trevor & Judith

Andy is like the master storyteller of your own fairy-tale wedding. Anyone viewing the album would be reading the beautiful story of your special day. Even if you view it after a decade, the memories and smiles and happy tears will bring you back right to that day. Thank you Andy!  

Geophin & Rose

We never thought we’d see the day where Rose’s dad tearing and Geophin’s dad’s smile be caught on camera. Absolutely spectacular job with the photographs. You caught every emotion in your pictures including the birds emotions. We all looked jovial and the truth is we were. Thank you!  

Shannon & Premela

Andy captured all the best moments of our wedding, the smiles, the funny moments, the tears…he is truly an amazing photographer he brings life to his pictures. His pictures are what memories are made of, when we look at our albums and the beautiful pictures we remember why it will always be the one of View Full →

Norman & Reen

We love Andy’s work. He doesn’t conjure up scenes and make one poses but instead captures the real life moments beautifully with his amazing skills. Many thanks, Andy for making our day so memorable, and uniquely ours.  

Daniel & Melissa

Someone once told me that a good photographer is one where you can’t even tell that they are there! Andy is like that! Not only is Andy courteous, he is so humble and makes it so easy to work with him. Thanks Andy for giving us both a beautiful memory of our wedding day to View Full →