Finding Your Wedding Photographer

Finding a good wedding photographer in Malaysia is largely a matter of matching your tastes and expectations with the wedding photographer’s portfolio of work. You will hardly find a wedding photographer in Malaysia who does not have a blog where they showcase their latest work. This is where to-be-married couples can have a good idea of the wedding photographer’s style of photography, and know what that particular wedding photographer places emphasis on when taking pictures at your wedding.

Emotion in Pictures is a team of wedding photographers in Malaysia specializing in multi-cultural weddings. The team is led by Andy Lim, author of the best-selling SimpleSLR Photography Guides and PhotoGuru Workshops.

With our extensive experience in the various types of ethnic weddings here in Kuala Lumpur and abroad, our clients can rest assured that we know what is important when it comes to documenting the wedding day.

Christian Wedding Photographer in Malaysia

Emotion in Pictures has covered various types of Christian weddings. These include Protestant weddings and Catholic weddings, be it inside a church or at a secular venue. We are very familiar with the restrictions at certain churches regarding photography, and are able to work around these limitations with great success.

Indian Wedding Photographer in Malaysia

Ethnic weddings are our speciality, and this includes Hindu Indian wedding photography and Punjabi Sikh wedding photography. Our experience in Hindu Ceylonese weddings, Hindu Tamil weddings, Hindu Malayali weddings and many more, mean that we are fully aware of the important rites. This enables us to capture truly meaningful images which are preserved in high quality albums.

Chinese Wedding Photographer in Malaysia

Malay Wedding Photographer in Malaysia

Beach Wedding Photographer in Malaysia

Wedding photography: Emotion in Pictures by Andy Lim

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