When hiring a wedding photographer Kuala Lumpur couples have a bewildering range to choose from. How do you choose from so many? Here are some tips when looking for your wedding photographer.

Choose a Wedding Photographer You Trust

How do you trust a wedding photographer when you do not know him in person? Social proof helps. Good referrals from past couples that the photographer has photographed.  Take a look at the photographer’s work and see if you know anyone in the pictures. Many of our couples come to us because we once photographed their friend’s wedding. Word of mouth referrals are strong indicators of the wedding photographer’s credibility.

Find Your Style and Personality

Many of the greatest wedding photographers have a distinct style of photography. It’s important that your wedding photographer matches your personal style and personality. If you value real pictures that turned out because they were not choreographed, look out for cues like genuinely captured emotion and priceless moments that only happened for a split second. These are likely images that you would treasure because they are a slice of history. Many of the couples photographed by Emotion in Pictures have commented they were glad that pictures were taken not only of the couple themselves, but also of the important people in their life.

Meet Up with Your Wedding Photographer

To really know if you are comfortable with the photographer who will be documenting one of the most important days in your life, arrange to meet up. This will let you talk face to face and have a feel of his/her personality, communication skills and whether you have any chemistry. This is also a chance to view the photographer’s albums and discuss package options.

A bit about Emotion in Pictures, Wedding Photographer Kuala Lumpur

The Emotion in Pictures team is led by Andy Lim, author of the SimpleSLR portrait lighting guides and founder of Photoguru Photography Workshops. Andy and his team have photographed countless weddings in Malaysia and abroad since 2005.

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