Photojournalistic Wedding Reception Photography

Our team at Emotion in Pictures knows the complexities of wedding reception photography so well that we are prepared for any eventuality. We also exercise a certain sense of dignity when choosing what to photograph. Guests will not be photographed with their mouths open while enjoying the delicious food.

We have experience covering challenging outdoor reception locations, so that you can rest easy knowing that the wedding reception photography will be the least of your worries.

No matter if it’s a poolside wedding reception, or a dimly lit venue, we will be able to deliver the goods. Andy Lim and his team at Emotion in Pictures are veterans at using speedlights in challenging environments.

First Dance at Wedding Receptions

Emotion in Pictures are experts at capturing the action when it happens. Fast-paced first dances, classical Indian dances, Bhangra performances, and many more.

Games and Fun at Wedding Receptions

Being prepared is the key to capturing moments at a wedding reception.

It helps to also have fun during the wedding reception!

Wedding reception games are also great itinerary fillers, especially if you get the guests involved as well.

Real Pictures at Wedding Receptions

Emotion in Pictures captures wedding receptions truthfully, so your wedding pictures are as real as they get.

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